A Mother’s Encouragement

A Mother’s Encouragement

*Today’s blog post is from Charleen Cnossen, a wife, mother and mentor of many young mothers at Cornerstone.

I write to bring you cheer and to encourage you in the labor you put forth each day!  Oh sister, what a blessed wife and mother you are.  What praise can be offered to our Lord for all His wondrous deeds on behalf of you and your family!  How loving it was when He died for you.  How considerate it was when He called you unto Himself.  So mindful of you to placed His Spirit within your soul.  How devoted He is to directs your path.  How gracious He was by giving you godly parents.  How kind He was by giving you a loving husband.  How thoughtful He was to bless you with such wonderful children. Oh, how worthy of praise Your Creator, Savior, and Lord is. He called you.  He justified you. He sanctified you. He glorified you.  All the above . . . so glory and thanks and praise could be given to Him!

May I encourage you again?  The flesh was crucified with Christ on the cross. Each drip of blood was for each and every selfish thought, fleshly tendencies, and wicked act.  The work and victory of the cross is a finished work!  How wondrous is that!  What else can be done?

Because of that work and victory on the Cross, we have confidence that we can, indeed, walk worthily according to the great calling and sovereign will of God.  How often we forget.  How often we get bogged down with the non-essentials of life.  How quickly we place our eyes on the ‘things of this world”.  Oh, that we would, more diligently and purposely, order our step according to the great calling and sovereign will of our blessed Savior and Lord, communicated so clearly in His precious Word!

May I encourage you again?  When the flesh pokes its ugly head up in your life or the life of your sweet children, do not be shocked, baffled, angered, or discouraged. Simply confess and remember where it comes from and where it died – on the cross of Calvary.  Christ’s work is a finished work.  For the chosen believer, the flesh has died.  It is dead!  Crucified with Christ!  Thus, we now live in Christ!  Because of this truth and the finished work of our sweet Savior, we are to order our steps accordingly, to walk worthily, to excel still more, to put on the new self, and to put on the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is the point, I believe most adamantly, that many Christians sadly misunderstand, thus being defeated so often.  I wonder if they think God is going to zap them with a lightning bolt of patience or peace and voila, tomorrow they will victoriously walk in patience and peace.  Or that God is going to shoot them up with kindness and joy and presto, tomorrow they will triumphantly walk in kindness and joy.  When I observe my own life, the life of my husband and children, the life of my parents, the life of Christians, and the life of children, I do not perceive this is an effective or victorious method of sanctification or growth in Christ.  Moreover, I do not see that method of sanctification or grown communicated in God’s holy Word.

Think for a moment.  When a Christian man KNOWS that to view a particular movie would be impure, what causes him to view it anyway?  When a Christian mother KNOWS that she ought to be gentle and patient with her children, what causes her to speak harshly and impatiently?  When a Christian young lady KNOWS that she ought not to wear a particular outfit for modesty reasons, what causes her to disregard her conscience?  Why does this great knowledge go unheeded?  More importantly, how can one come to heed these words of knowledge? How long will we be “hearers of the Word and never doer’s of the Word?”  How can one come to understand the importance to heeding the words of God?  At what point does one come to actually walk in the WAY of wisdom?

Yes, it is said, one can obey Christ’s commands “through Christ only.”  Likewise, we are told that victory can be granted “by the Holy Spirit”.  Sometimes, we are foolishly told to “just choose!” Moreover, we are instructed to “trust in the Lord.”  All these phrases are true indeed, yet most grievously undefined, and as a result, they keep us depressed and defeated.  Certainly grievous! Truly hopeless!  Indeed defeated!

I share all the above to tell you this.  By God’s grace, mercy and love, He has provided the victory!  He has provided the Way!  He has provided the Truth! He has provided His will for our lives.  He has given us hope, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, along with compassion, forgiveness, unity, orderliness, humility, courage, diligence, honesty, meekness, perseverance, and purity.  He has done His work!  It is we who fail, for numerous reasons, to make the necessary decisions of ordering our steps accordingly.  It is we who have forgotten, for numerous reasons, to work worthily.  It is we, who have forgotten, for numerous reasons, to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed, we know we ought to, yet we do not know how to!

Ask yourself throughout the ENTIRE day:

    1.  “Lord, what would YOU have me to ‘BE’? Gentle? Kind? Joyful? Diligent?  Faithful? All of the fruit?
    2.  “Lord, what would YOU have me to ‘DO’ in order that I might gain that which you have given to me and that which you desire for me to ‘BE’?  Go to bed early? Enjoy a cup of tea with You and Your Word?  Say “No” to a commitment(s)? Have a time-out? Organize a closet?  Exercise? Write a thank you letter?  Postpone answering the phone? Get more organized?  De-Clutter?
    3. “Lord, show me HOW I can order my thoughts, my responsibilities, my life, my time, my home, and my children so that I am walking worthily according to the calling of sanctification.”  Read Your Word? Eliminate the non-essentials? Consider whether or not my 24-hour day/task cultivates the fruit of peace and patience? De-clutter? Organize a bookshelf? Ignore the phone? Set up a school schedule? Order most of my groceries on-line? Discard some commitments? Say “No” to a friend?
    4. “Lord, please help me to recognize that when any of the crucified fleshly tendencies try to creep in, it is at that exact moment I say, “Lord, what would YOU have me to ‘BE’ and ‘DO’ in order to walk worthily?  When worry or discontent tries to govern, show me how to order my steps to obtain peace and contentment?  When unkindness and harshness tries to leave my lips, remind me how to order my steps to put on kindness and gentleness.  And lastly Lord, let the peace of YOU which surpasses all comprehension guard my heart and my mind in Your precious and loving Son, my Savior, Jesus, as I make ALL my requests known to You with thanksgiving.” Phil. 4:7

“Not my will but Thy will be done, in me, on earth, as it is in heaven, O my Lord, so that the world (and my children) will know AND believe that You sent Your Son and that I am Your disciple.”

“As for me, I shall behold Your face in righteousness, and I will be satisfied with Your likeness when I awake.”  Ps. 17:15

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