A Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

A Testimony of God’s Faithfulness


As many of you know, I have struggled with anxiety and difficulty sleeping for some time.  After a few years dealing with this, I have sought medical help and have had only minor improvements.  I continue to have good days and bad days.  Some of my problems also include a poor short-term memory, general recall and concentration.  I also do not handle stress well. This has caused me to have definite limitations on the things I can accomplish.  I don’t have a lot of energy to do much more than homeschool and take care of my family.  I have been frustrated that I could not do more, but I have continued to do my best.  I have spent a good amount of prayer time asking for my healing, then when there were no changes, I prayed for wisdom and strength to do what God wanted me to do despite my limitations.

As I would spend time with God,  I felt a burden to pray , not so  much for myself, but for the needs of others.  I also felt a burden that I should be witnessing.  I asked God how I could do this since I did not have the energy to be involved in anything else.  I began to feel a more specific burden for people I come in contact with regularly.  For example, the workers at Walmart (where I grocery shop), my hairdresser, and my daughters’ horse riding teacher.  I also more fervently prayed for family members who don’t know Christ or are out of fellowship with Him.

On Sunday, April 19, I attended my niece’s wedding in North Carolina.  I went, had a good time seeing a lot of family, and came home.  The next day (Tuesday) I realized I had blown it.  I had not used the opportunity to talk to my brother (it was his daughter who had gotten married). I repented and asked God for opportunities and a boldness to take them when they came.  I had shared with Grace and Maddie that day my desire to be a better witness.  Since I homeschool them, I jokingly told them that if anyone came to the door, including Jehovah’s Witnesses, I was going to take the time to witness to them and that school could wait. I also told them to grab my Bible for me if that happened.  This was said in jest, because I did not think it would happen.

That night I could only sleep a few hours.  I woke up at 2 a.m. and could not get back to sleep.  By 4 a.m. I was pretty upset, and I prayed and cried out to the Lord to please help me with this problem or help me to cope with it.

I do my grocery shopping early on Wednesday mornings, and I knew I needed to get up soon, which meant I would be very tired.  I told God, however, that if He provided an opportunity for me to talk to one of the employees (or anyone), that I would stop and take the time to speak with them about Him.  Nothing happened that morning, but I did feel better than I thought I would.  I came home and went on with my day teaching my daughters as usual.

Later that morning the doorbell rang.  We had some men painting the outside of our house, so I figured one of them had a question.  I ran upstairs to answer the door and did not find a house painter.  It was two older gentlemen.  One of them had some Watchtower booklets.  I was then aware that they were Jehovah’s Witnesses.  My grandmother had been a JW and over the years growing up, we had some come to our door.  I had also encountered two women at my house a few years earlier.

My heart was racing.  While we exchanged pleasantries, I prayed in my mind for God to help me.  I was intimidated.  These men probably had a lot of training and experience. It was two against one.  Then I realized that it was two against me and the King of the Universe.  That helped a lot!

I turned inside the house and asked Grace to get my Bible.  I realized then about my conversation yesterday with my girls. Amazing!  We established a Bible version to use, since I refused to use their New World Translation.  One of the men was the leader and he started asking questions. I did not want him to lead me with his questions, so I quickly took over taking the conversation to the fact that Jesus is God.  When he did get a question in, I answered quickly and then took him to more verses.  The verses just kept coming to me from the Holy Spirit.  It was absolutely supernatural, because as I said, I currently struggle with thinking straight especially under stress!

After about 30 minutes they decided to leave.  They said that most people who call themselves Christians aren’t able to defend their beliefs, but they realized that I had studied the Bible and was able to. I don’t say that to boast.  I have tried to stay obedient in the study of God’s Word, but the recall was all from Him.

I closed the door and was so excited that not only did God give me the opportunity I asked for, but He gave me the strength and the words to say!  They did not decide to become Christians, but I do pray that they thought about what I said.

Last Sunday (April 25) when Robert preached about Jonah crying out to God at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, I thought about my prayer.  There aren’t many similarities between Jonah’ situation and mine, except where Jonah says in chapter 2 verse 2, “You heard my voice.”  God  had heard my voice, and although I am not whole yet, He used me.  I am confident that any opportunity I have in the future, He will give me the words to say.  I need to do my part by being available and I also need to be diligent to study his Word and pray.

Sheri_MoweryThis blogpost is a transcript of a testimony given at Cornerstone Family Church on May 2, 2015 by Sheri Mowery.  Sheri is a trained physical therapist who has chosen to serve the Lord by homeschooling her daughters and ministering musically at Cornerstone’s corporate gatherings.

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