Cornerstone Family Church is led by a plurality of elders, the pastor automatically serves as an elder and  because of his public presence and responsibility before the congregation, may be considered first among equals as a member of the Elder Council.

Chris Seiber - Pastor

I was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and moved to Cleveland when I was twelve years old. I married Rebecca, my best friend, in 1998 and we became parents to our wonderful son, Jonah, in 2001. I was not raised attending church. However, when I was twenty years old, I became a follower of Christ. Immediately following my conversion my wife and I joined Candies Creek Baptist Church in Charleston, Tennessee. After a season of discipleship, I sensed the Lord’s calling to pastoral ministry. In 2003 my family and I moved to Pineville, Kentucky and I attended Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. The following year we moved to Louisville, Kentucky to attend Boyce College, the undergraduate school of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies at Boyce, and later earned a Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies from Liberty University.

Our family has enjoyed the opportunities God has given us to help further equip the church for ministry and participate in impacting lostness with the gospel of Jesus. God has taken us from Tennessee to Kentucky, New York, Chicago, Indiana, Ohio, and Utah where we have together served in different ways for His glory.

It is an honor to be serving at Cornerstone Family Church as pastor. My life’s calling is to declare the whole counsel of God, teaching and explaining the Bible in a way that everyone can understand the gospel through Jesus Christ, to equip, disciple, and mobilize the church to be His witnesses in the world for God’s glory.

Bob Bayles - Elder

I was born in eastern North Carolina in the small cotton mill town of Erwin.  I did not grow up in church, but my parents instilled within us (my two older brothers) basic good moral values (e.g., don’t steal, don’t hurt people). I began attending church at age 16. At the invitation of my paternal grandfather, I attended a Christmas program at his church in December 1975.  Three weeks later, January 1, 1976 I became a follower of Christ. I decided at 21 to go to college. I went on to earn a B.A. in Biblical Studies, the Master of Divinity and the Ph.D. in Theological Education at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago.

Currently I am a full professor in the Christian Ministries Department of Lee University.  I have been at Lee 24 years.  I have also served local churches (some as “small” as 40 and “large” as 1200) in the area of educational ministry for the past 25 years, sometimes as volunteer, sometimes as part-time staff and full-time staff.   I am married to Terrie, and we have six children, Lauren (24), Brian (22) , Abby (14), Yana (11), Emily (11) and Kathryn (13).   At the birth of our last child (2003), we made the decision for Terrie to stay home and home educate all three bio kids.  Today, Lauren is a M.Div. student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.   Brian is a senior at the University of Tennessee/Chattanooga in their online program in Criminal Justice.  He is married to Michelle and they live in Raleigh, NC.  Abby is in the ninth grade and will be taking her first college class this fall with Bob in New Testament for home school credit.  Yana (adopted from China in 2012) is in fifth grade.  We adopted Emily and Kathryn, from the same orphanage in China as Yana came from, in 2015.  Emily will be attending the Tennessee School for the Deaf in Knoxville, TN this coming school year.  Kathryn will be a student at Cleveland Christian Academy.  We will continue to home educate Abby and Yana. 

Paul Miller - Elder

I am a South Carolina native who relocated to Chattanooga in the early 90’s to attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I am a graduate of UTC, with degrees in mechanical engineering and history. While in college, I met the girl I knew I wanted to marry. Sara and I did marry, in 2001, and now have four amazing daughters and a son.

I began my journey as a follower of Jesus Christ at a young age, being blessed to have been raised in a godly home. However, my faith didn’t truly begin to mature until adulthood. Probably my greatest period of spiritual growth came in 2003, during my first tour of duty in Iraq. I served a second time in Iraq in 2007.

At Cornerstone Family Church, my family and I are excited to have a place where we able to worship together and where fathers are encouraged to lead their families and disciple their children.

Jeff Mowery - Elder

I was born and raised in Oklahoma City and attended Southern Hills Church of God until 1988 when I moved to Cleveland, Tennessee to attend Lee College.  December 1991 was an important month for me.  I finished my classwork at Lee and married my wife, Sheri all in the same month.  In May of 1992, I graduated with a degree in Accounting from Lee.  Sheri and I moved to Baltimore, Maryland, and lived and worked there for approximately 3 years before returning to Cleveland where we have been since 1995.  I have worked in a variety of accounting and banking positions since graduation.

Sheri and I have three children – Tyler, Grace and Madelyn.  Tyler is currently a student a Liberty University.  Grace and Maddie attend what we affectionately call “Mowery Family Academy” where Sheri homeschools them both.

Family and Church have always been an extremely important part of my life.  The people that have had the most impact on my life spiritually have been from my family and from my church.  My primary family influences have been my grandmother and my mother.  These godly women taught me the importance of the Word, the importance of church and family, and they also gave me a love for old hymns.  I was also impacted by several godly men at Southern Hills like Pastor O. Wayne Chambers, Frank Wafford, and Burl Hendrickson.  These men were leaders in our church, and I learned a lot from them growing up.

Sheri and I recognize our responsibility to train our children in the Lord.  Although there are many people that can assist in that discipleship process, I believe God places the primary responsibility with the father as Paul admonishes in Ephesians 6:4.  At Cornerstone, families can grow together in a place where Christ is the Chief Cornerstone, and family is the primary vessel for discipleship and ministry.

Jason Smith - Elder

I was born and raised in Independence, Missouri by two wonderful loving parents and an older brother. Most of my youth was consumed with the pursuit of athletic endeavors like baseball, track, and basketball. I was blessed to be taught the value of hard work which helped me achieve the highest rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts.

I chased my dream of being a basketball coach by attending the University of Kansas majoring in Physical Education, but my college experience and lifestyle proved to be unspiritual. I was drawn to the Lord in my late 20’s which led to my salvation and has sparked a love affair with my Savior ever since.

In my early 30’s, I met my lovely bride Tina, and we were married in 2003. Both of us had a strong desire to have a large family, but God saw fit to just give us two amazing children; Shayna Lyn and Jonas Jackson. With the blessing of Cornerstone Family Church’s emphasis “…to look after orphans and widows” (James 1:27), we recently adopted a family of three children from the Philippines: Deserie, Catherine Joy, and Joselito.

Seeking to grow in my faith, I enhanced my education with a Christian Ministry degree from Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri while I served as their Men’s Basketball Coach. My profession has taken me from Kansas City to San Diego to presently Dayton, Tennessee serving at small Christian Colleges; I am currently the Women’s Basketball Coach at Bryan College.

A steady progressive walk in my faith and the understanding of my responsibility for family discipleship led us Cornerstone Family Church which has provided my family a place to worship in Spirit and Truth, founded on the truth of God’s Word. I am not ashamed to pronounce the importance of my role as Father and leader of my household and CFC has actively affirmed and developed this ordained quality in me. I count it a blessing to humbly serve this local congregation as elder and I look forward to doing the work of Kingdom Building with my fellow believers.

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