Multi-Generational Church

Multi-generational church is not a model; it is not a fad. For centuries, the church worshiped together.  It transcends denominational boundaries. The goal at Cornerstone Family Church is to keep all generations together at all points in the Sunday morning service.  We sing together, we pray together, we listen to the sermon together and then we celebrate a fellowship meal after church together.   Most USA Protestant pastors see the value of the family unit.  We do not imply that we have a “corner on the market” in this respect.  However, we do believe that those models that divide the family on Sunday do a disservice to the spiritual life of the family unit.  Hence the name, “multi-generational.”

Who We Are

Cornerstone Family Church is an evangelical non-denominational church that is committed to multigenerational worship. We are people from all walks of life who desire to faithfully live according to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We feel that Families’ worshipping together is essential to preparing the next generation of believers to be faithful disciples of Jesus. The early church, in Acts 2, lived out the Christian life daily. They were in each other’s homes, they prayed together, they shared meals together, they evangelized together, and they worshipped together.

What to Expect

As a multigenerational church, our hope is that you will see Christ exalted through multiple generations worshipping together in one setting. We believe the Scriptures articulate that one generation helps to disciple the next. With this in mind, we embrace children worshipping and studying with adults during the Sunday morning service. Since parents are the primary spiritual influence in their child’s life, it is our practice to keep the family together at church as much as possible.

When you visit on Sunday morning, we will welcome you and your family into our services.  The casual, worshipful atmosphere allows everyone from babies to adults to encounter Christ in a personal way.  Our musical style is blended, drawing from beautiful hymns and biblically sound contemporary choruses.

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