Discipling Our Children

Discipling Our Children

In the Old Testament–particularly in the early years of Israel’s existence–the Lord repeatedly told the leaders of the nation to rehearse to their children and grandchildren the mighty works of God.  Through this process, Israel formed an identity as a nation.  It took time and there were many bumps along the way, but eventually, they held zealously to the concept of monotheism and took on a strict adherence to the Mosaic law.  The faithful men and women of Scripture had a testimony that was passed down to them about who they were and who God is.  Similarly, we must be diligent to pass down to our children faith in God and His mighty works.  One of the ways that Nicole and I have started to do that is to provide our older children with brief daily devotional pages that help them study God’s Word and spend time in prayer.  Our hope is that it will create in them–along with the other aspects of our family discipleship plan–a heart for the Lord and His Word.

While this idea is not original to us (credit), we have reformatted the best of what we have seen and made it applicable to our home.  One of the goals is to keep it simple for the children and easy to update each week.  Our children read one chapter from Proverbs each day and a few verses from another book of the Bible–right now that is Matthew.  They write out a key thought, and then spend a few minutes in prayer.

To set their devotional books up, I bought a binder that would accommodate a half page of paper (8.5 x 5.5).  I formatted the devotional pages to be cut in half (I use a paper cutter) and then punch holes in the side to insert them into their binder.  I have a reminder set on my calendar to update their pages each Friday–it takes about 15 minutes total time to do this.  When I insert the new pages into their binder, I review what they have written on the previous week’s for accountability and to see what God is speaking in their heart.  I have found it to be very encouraging.  My hope is to post a PDF of the devotions each week in case you want to use them for your family.

Again, this is not THE tool in the arsenal to disciple our children, rather it is A tool in the arsenal.  We should all continue lead our children to appreciate corporate worship, the preached Word, regular family devotions and faithful service and giving.  Personal devotions are, however, a wonderful stepping stone that will help a child develop the personal discipline of spending time with the Lord.

Devotional for February 3-7th

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