News and Notes

News and Notes

The Secret Life of Prayer – Erik Raymond states that, “… you go bad in private before you go bad in public. A person cannot be regularly pouring out his heart in praise, confession and petition to the God of heaven with a ton of dirt from his secret life under his fingernails.”

Nicole and I recently returned from a Weekend to Remember–and event by a ministry out of Arkansas called Family Life.  Family Life does so much good for the kingdom, so our hearts go out to them and the family of Rob Tittle who was killed with two of his daughters in the recent tornadoes.

Take a moment to read this letter of forgiveness from a survivor of abortion.

D.A. Carson reflects on the notion of the priestly order of Melchizedek being greater than the levitical priesthood.

Pray for those who are giving their life for the Gospel in Iraq.

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