News and Notes 5/19

News and Notes 5/19

The Largest Dinosaur ever?  This is an interesting article if you don’t mind substituting thousands of years for millions of years.

David Murray posts about 10 Characteristics of Great Leaders.  If you are interested in honing your leadership edge this could be an enjoyable read for you.

“The Christian ministry requires courage, and we can see even more courage required in the near future. There may well be a higher price exacted for opening our mouths. But God has called us to open our mouths so that others can hear his voice, believe, and be saved — so that his church will be fed and taught, and be matured.” Albert Mohler posts about the simplicity of preaching.

Are all Christians to be blessed materially?  This article states, “There is no doubt that both the Old and New Testaments teach that the faithful will be blessed by God.”

In this article, Thom Rainer talks about the church moving to the digital age.

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