Some Day

Some Day

My trials here on earth will cease
Some day (Some day) some day (Some happy day)
And I will have unending peace
Some day (Some day) some day (Some happy day)

Some day.......some happy day......
From sin......set free.....(From sin my soul is free)
I'll live....with Christ for aye......
Some day.......some day (some happy day)

No more in darkness...I will roam...........
Some day (Some day) some day (Some happy day)
But rest eternally at home.................
Some day (Some day) some day (Some happy day)

Those gone before me....I shall meet.......
Some day (Some day) some day (Some happy day)
My loved ones will my spirit greet..........
Some day (Some day) some day (Some happy day)

My loving Savior....I shall see.............
Some day (Some day) some day (Some happy day)
With Him in glory....I shall be.............
Some day (Some day) some day (Some happy day)

I heard this song recently on youtube as part of the "Red back singing" 
dedication of the new Chapel at Lee University.  It is #203 in the Redback.  I 
have attached the link to youtube if you are interested in watching it.  It is 
over an hour long.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good version of just the 
song "Some Day" by itself on youtube (which is disheartening), but you can hear 
a version of it at the 1 hour 29 minute mark of the Lee Chapel video if you 
like.  For the sopranos in the crowd, this is your kind of music.

Couple of comments on the lyrics:

"Unending peace" -  Isn't this exactly the opposite of what we experience every 
day in America and around the world?  We don't have "unending peace."  We have 
"ending peace."  The quiet moments are interrupted by ringing phones or buzzing 
texts.  Our day is filled with busy-ness, noise, confusion, and everything but 
unending peace.  Yet, Jesus promised to give us peace, and we know that He keeps 
His word.  We can have peace with God because of the salvation that the Prince 
of Peace gives.  Our souls that were at enmity with God can be reconciled to 
Him.  We can also have moments of peace even while we are on this earth, yet we 
recognize because of sin and sickness and sadness, this peace is temporary.  I 
am thankful today for the temporary moments of peace on this earth, but more 
importantly I am looking forward to that "some day" when we will have "unending 
peace" with God our Father.

"No more in darkness I will roam" - Do you feel like you are roaming today?  Do 
you feel like your searching for direction from the Lord?  Are you stumbling in 
the dark - running into things?  Do you feel like your steps are shaking and you 
could slip at any given time?  As I Christian, we don't have to walk in 
darkness.  We are children of the light.  We can trust in the promises of His 
Word.  The Bible says that His Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my 
path.  His Word illumines our steps and our direction.  His Word and the Holy 
Spirit can brighten even the darkest path we may be roaming today.  

As I thought about the two simple words in the title of this song, I began 
thinking about old hymns and choruses with the word "Day."  Songs like:

"Day by day and with each passing moment strength I find to meet my trials here" 
- It is a song lyric that reminds us that God provides for us daily.  It is 
reminder that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.   
"One day at a time sweet Jesus" - This is a song about enduring life's 
challenges one day at a time.  This song is a reminder to not worry about 
tomorrow.  That we can't add one day to our life by carrying tomorrow's burdens 
and worries.  This hymn is a prayer for daily grace.  
"This is the day that the Lord hath made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it."  
This is a song from the Scriptures.  I love to sing Scripture. The combination 
of the power of the Bible set to music is awesome.  This is a song about living 
in the now.  Living for Jesus….today and rejoicing and being glad in it.

Life is full of "Today's" and "One day's" and "Some Day's," but Jesus taught us 
how to pray for "This Day."  In Matthew 6, Jesus said "Give us this day our 
daily bread." I am thankful that God promises to meet my daily needs.  My 
regular needs for "Today."  My urgent needs "This day."  And my future needs 
"Some day."  And I know that you are thankful for His provision as well.  May 
God bless you Today!

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